The Clean Energy Modelling Collaborators

Ben Rose

Ben is the inventor of Powerbalance2 and GHG-Energy Calc6 and principal researcher and developer of both software programs.He has had broad experience working in agricultural resource management (13 years), science / technical education (3 years), energy/CO2 emissions auditing (10 years) and modelling of electricity grids (5 years). Ben invented the Powerbalance and developed it further in 2018-19 to include modelling of solar thermal, storage (battery, molten salt and pumped hydro) and gas consumption. The model now calculates levelized cost of energy (LCOE) directly from CAPEX, cost of capital and fixed and variable operating expenditures including fuel costs.

Ben is also an author, having written many reports and technical publications. These include principal author of Code of Practice for Environmentally Sustainable Vegetable and Potato Growing in WA, 2003 a chapter in The Biochar Revolution, 2012, principal author of Clean Electricity Western Australia – Modelling Renewable Energy Scenarios for the SW Electricity Grid, 2016and  co-author and modeller of Kimberley Clean Energy Roadmap  2018.

Len Bunn

Len provided essential modelling and programming advice enabling the invention and development of Powerbalance. He has over 30 years’ experience as a control-systems engineer. As co-founder and director of the Plexal Group international engineering services consultancy from 2002 to 2013, he has developed specific skills and understanding spanning R&D though to detailed engineering, project management, business development and business analysis. He left the oil and gas industry in 2014 to promote sustainability and to advocate for the transition to renewable energy. Len is passionate about expediting a well-planned transition to a renewables-based economy in Australia and globally.

Steve Grabham

Through many hundreds of hours of development since 2003, Steve has crafted the stand-alone, user-friendly GHG-Energy Calc6 interface using Delphi. Steve has worked in several technical fields and now develops and installs solar and energy related projects. Among his many inventions are a solar optimised pergola, photographic optimizer for locating rooftop PV installations and a flexible conveyor belt. He is a self-taught Delphi programmer.

Special thanks to:

Angus King, inventor of the brilliant SIREN program, without which none of this energy modelling would have been possible.
Steve Gates, for his technical advice and rigorous checking of Powerbalance.